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   Alan Racek
4th of July 2003
Christmas 2004
Shopping in Bellevue with MLC
Mr. Collette's Lit Class
Mount Rainier Hike
ARHS Lunch
Easter 2005
Eastern Washington
Boston Trip
WOW! (Youth Group)
Random from May 05
Summer Valley Camping
ARHS C/O 2005 Grad Night
ARHS C/O 2005 Senior Prank
Gonzaga, Sep 2005
Gonzaga, Oct 2005
Random from Dec 2005
Wonderland Trail Hike
Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp 2004
Random from Jan 2005

WSYG Planning
Random from Feb 2005
Physics Class
Steve's Going Away Party
AHS Prom
Random from June 2005
ARHS Blood Drive
ARHS C/O 2005 Graduation
Valley with Cousin Daniel
Western States Youth Gathering
Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp 2005
Jack Johnson Concert
Dorm Room Fun
Spokane Falls
   David Racek
Movie Night
Polevault Practice
Archery Practice
River View Ridge Home
Gonzaga Triathlon
Sledding at Pete's Hill
Mount Si Hike
Track Meet
MLC Senior Retreat

Triathlon Nationals - Reno
Grizzly Triathlon
   Joe Racek
Snow Camping 2001


   Kevin Krotzer
Camp Hohobas
Snow Camping 2003
Camp Muir Hike
Alan's Eagle Project
Camp Muir
Snowcamping 2005
   Leslie Moore
Scout Meeting
Eagle Court of Honor

   Steve Doman
Bachelor Day 1
Bachelor Day 2
Bachelor Day 3
Bachelor Day 4
Bachelor Day 5
Lake Tapps Tubing
The Banana
Cousins BBall
Skiing, March 13, 2005

Survivor IV
Mission Trip 2004
Pioneering Extravaganza
ARHS Prom Candids
Family Reunion/Bridge
Thanksgiving 2005

ARHS C/O 2005 Last Day of School
ARHS C/O 2005 Last Day of School Candids
Jack Johnson Camping
Mr. Zieger Hike
Potato Cannon
Pars' Western Pics


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